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Relationship Counsellor in Mumbai

Most common issues faced by couples:

Couples often encounter a range of common issues that can impact the dynamics of their relationship. Some of the most prevalent challenges include:

  • Communication problems top the list wherein either of the partners or both have difficulty sustaining hard conversations.
  • Lack of respect in the relationship for each other.
  • Trust issues due to the nature of the relationship, betrayal or cheating, extra-marital affair, withholding important information from the partner.
  • Unresolved past experiences or rejections in the relationships resurfacing in the current relationship.
  • Jealousy or intense insecurity in the relationship when your partner works or spends more time with someone else.
  • Clinginess in relationships.
  • Family conflicts because of extended family members, or disagreements between each other.
  • Disagreement in parenting styles or having entirely different value systems from each other.
  • Financial constraints or different financial goals.
  • Lack of physical intimacy like mismatched libidos, dissatisfaction with intimacy, or communication barriers around sexual needs can create tension.
  • Power imbalance in terms of who will make the decisions, proving right or wrong.
  • Presence of gaslighting in the relationship.
  • Stonewalling your partner or often being subjected to the silence treatment.
  • Constantly feeling neglected or emotionally invalidated by your partner.
  • Having a partner who is emotionally unavailable can give rise to many complexities.

Presence of these issues for a period of more than a year can lead to undue stress and can give rise to toxic relationship dynamics. Continuing to be in a relationship without trying to address these concerns has also been seen giving rise to poor mental health and chronic illnesses over a substantial period of time.

Seeking professional help ensures:

  • Ensured confidentiality
  • Unbiased approach
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better emotional regulation for both partners
  • Setting boundaries and regaining respect, trust and improved connection
  • Practical tips and strategies to manage stress and improve the overall quality of the relationship
  • Saving the long term damage that not only impacts the relationship but also overall quality of life


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Psychiatrist for Anxiety

How can a psychologist or a psychotherapist help in improving couple relationships?

Psychologists or couple’s counselors play a pivotal role in enhancing couple relationships by focusing on communication improvement, conflict resolution strategies, and fostering empathy between partners. They help couples recognize and break negative interaction patterns, explore individual concerns, and address intimacy issues. Therapists also provide education on relationship dynamics, assist in setting realistic expectations, and equip couples with coping strategies for external stressors. By creating a safe and non-judgmental space, therapists facilitate open communication and encourage the development of healthy boundaries. Through behavioral interventions, couples are guided toward reinforcing positive behaviors, ultimately contributing to improved overall relationship satisfaction and resilience in the face of challenges.