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Many businesses have recognized the importance of corporate mental health in recent years, as research has shown that employees who feel supported and valued are more productive and less likely to experience burnout. Some of the ways that businesses can promote corporate mental health include:

Overall, promoting corporate mental health is a win-win situation for both businesses and employees. By supporting the mental well-being of their workers, businesses can create a more positive and productive workplace, while also helping to reduce the prevalence of mental health issues in the workforce.

Why employ wellness?

As per the leading newspaper, The Hindu- ‘Approximately 48% of corporate employees in India are highly prone to mental health issues. Professional mental health is primarily impacted by workplace stress, according to 47% of those surveyed.’

These worries are supported by the Aon India Primary care benefit report of 2023, which notes that 82% of Indian businesses believe that poor mental health can have a major impact on business outcomes.

Our Approach

We believe in a practical and need based approach rather than imposing unnecessary compulsory services to corporates. Our approach is research as well as evidence based in nature. We put in efforts in analysing the gap and drawing personalised intervention plans for each industry.

Ultimately, a mentally healthy workforce contributes to a positive company culture, encouraging creativity, collaboration, and sustained high performance.  We practice as well as preach a simple principle that happy employees create happy companies, and this underscores the profound impact of mental well-being on corporate success.

Services Offered

Employee Assistance Program
Offering proactive support to the employees beyond the workplace in terms of confidential counselling, offering employees a safe space to address issues such as stress, mental health concerns, relationship problems, or substance abuse can help the company foster a supportive, positive and employee friendly environment.
Employee wellness workshops cultivate a supportive workplace by addressing stress, resilience, and well-being as an overall concern in organisations. These interactive sessions facilitated by our expert professionals empower employees with several coping strategies. By promoting awareness and offering practical tools, companies enhance mental health, boost morale, and contribute to a more resilient and engaged workforce.
It’s easier for employees to connect from the comfort of their homes or join anonymously to attend awareness webinars conducted all-round the year by experienced and renowned professionals addressing day-to-day concerns that are vital to our existence and well-being.

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